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Needing some references and was curious if anyone knew of any or could point me toward some of their favorites. It gets kind of hard to go through deviantart/pintrest/google etc. to find good quality with so much average/lower stuff filling up the place. (Not that it's bad, everyone starts somewhere. It just doesn't help my particular situation.)
Quite bored atm, not wanting to work on any of my actual projects and wanting to test out my huion tablet I just purchased. Post your OC(s) ((no more than 3) and I may decide to draw them. I will pick more than 1 person as I will have several days of free time with not much to do. 

I won't be doing anything for lack of a better word "perverted"

I've picked a couple I think will work good with my art style. (which I should have probably mentioned it's kind of a dark shonen style.)

Feel free to continue posting your OC's and I may decide to get to yours when I've finished those I've picked so far. I will likely keep this thread or a similar one up for my down time and when I just want to have a fun draw.
I was asked by a family member to come up with a concept for this, but I don't do tattoos of any kind nor do I typically draw animals, and I'd obviously not want my family member to make a stupid mistake that will last a life time due to poor understanding of art. 

With that said I am looking for something really similar to this ( a buck that is made out of tree's/branches etc.)…

and under it, it say "spikerz" I need one feminine and one masculine but they must have that "hunter" feel like the reference image has. Please let me know what you would charge and when you can get started and if possible and estimated time frame.
Ok so as the title says I'm looking for something that can hopefully hold all or most of my art supplies. I've not found anything yet that caught my eye, So I'm hoping that maybe someone here can point me in the right direction. Below I will list all my gear so you will have a relative idea to the size I need.

- approx 30 various sketch pencils
- approx 20-30  various thickness pens (for line art)
- entire  copic marker collection. (all colors)
- Small 64 pack of colored pencils
- several small and mid size erasers (and one derwent electric eraser)
-2-3 sketch pads

-bonus points if you can find one that has a little extra space on top of this for my ever growing collection.
As the title says I currently have 700$ Wondering what gets me the most bang for my buck. Please post your recommendations and experience. Any help is appreciated.


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